Inside Scoop: Kabul Commander to Reveal Shocking Truth About Suicide Bomber!

The chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCaul, is demanding answers from those who were involved in the disastrous withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. He is seeking a testimony from a commander regarding the incident at the airport in which multiple Americans died.

McCaul has presented compelling evidence supporting his request. For instance, Tyler Vargas-Andrews, a US Marine Corps sergeant, told the committee that he and his men were able to identify a potential suicide bomber during the withdrawal. However, they were not given the necessary authority to engage. As a result, he was injured during the attack.

Since the Taliban took over Kabul two years ago, McCaul has called for a comprehensive investigation into the events that occurred before the Abbey Gate attack. According to the congressman, there was intelligence indicating that the Islamic State of Afghanistan-K (ISIS-K) was planning an attack on the airport. This attack could have been carried out in a short span of time. The congressman also noted that the airport's reliance on the Taliban for security was a contributing factor to the security issues.

The congressman commended Joe Biden for his efforts in holding the administration accountable. Unfortunately, even after two years, no one has been held accountable for the disastrous exit from Afghanistan. For the sake of the families of those who lost their lives, McCaul has asked for a transcribed interview with Brad Whited, the commanding Officer of Tyler Vargas-Andrews.

Whited has already talked about his experience during the operation in Afghanistan in a documentary. According to McCaul, the Department of Defense can help facilitate Whited's appearance before the committee.

The deadline for Whited's interview with the committee is August 25. The expected date for the interview is September 22. McCaul's efforts in holding the administration accountable and uncovering the truth are commendable. The American people should have the opportunity to learn the full story about the disastrous exit from Afghanistan.

Written by Staff Reports

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