Trump Hits Back: McCarthy Distraction Undermining Border & Spending Fights!

In a recent call to action, Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida urged his fellow House Republicans to unite in the fight for border security and spending cuts. Speaking on Hannity, Donalds emphasized that border security is the top priority in the upcoming spending battle against the Democrats and the White House. He stressed the need for Republicans to stand together and work hard to address issues such as excessive government spending, the weaponization of federal agencies like the FBI and DOJ, and the woke ideology infiltrating the military.

Donalds didn’t hold back when expressing his disdain for the current state of affairs. He criticized President Joe Biden as “terrible” and labeled Senate Democrats as ineffective and unproductive. His message was clear: the border crisis affects all Americans, regardless of their party affiliation, and it’s crucial for House Republicans to take a unified stance on this issue.

While Congress managed to avoid a government shutdown by passing a continuing resolution, Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida made headlines by filing a motion to vacate House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Gaetz accused McCarthy of striking a “back deal” with Democrats to ensure the resolution’s passage. Donalds expressed concerns about the timing of Gaetz’s motion, as it could distract House Republicans from their essential work, including going through amendments on appropriations bills and maintaining unity within the conference.

In conclusion, Rep. Byron Donalds is rallying Republicans to prioritize border security and spending cuts in the ongoing battle with the Democrats. He believes that standing together as a united front is vital to address pressing issues and achieve their goals. Donalds’ passionate plea adds to the growing voices within the conservative movement calling for action and unwavering commitment to conservative principles.

Written by Staff Reports

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