Trump Shakes Left with NYPD Wake Video – Biden Tied Up, Dems Outraged!

Former President Donald Trump has once again shown his bold and unapologetic style by sharing a video on his Truth Social platform that has caused quite the uproar. In the footage taken at the wake of a fallen NYPD officer, Trump’s motorcade captured two pickup trucks proudly displaying American flags and supporting Trump’s potential 2024 campaign. What really got the left’s feathers ruffled was a decal on one truck showing President Joe Biden tied up – a visual metaphor that leftists seemed to take way too seriously.

The Biden campaign, always eager to play the victim card, quickly condemned the video, claiming it threatens democracy. But come on, folks, it was just an edgy display, not a call to arms. Let’s not forget the left’s own history of violent rhetoric and actions. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black! Maybe the left needs to toughen up and learn to take a joke, for once.

And don’t even get started on Governor Kathy Hochul being asked to leave the wake. If anyone should be scrutinized for their disrespect, it’s her! Imagine being so unwelcome that people literally tell you to get out of a memorial service for a fallen hero. It just goes to show the true colors of these politicians who claim to support law enforcement but fail to show proper respect when it matters most.

Trump, showing respect for Officer Diller’s family, took the time to visit them during the wake and advocate for law and order. It’s refreshing to see a leader who stands by our men and women in blue, unlike some wishy-washy politicians who bend over backward to appease the woke mob. Let’s hope Trump’s boldness continues to shake things up and keep the left on their toes. After all, we need a strong leader who isn’t afraid to ruffle some feathers to get things done. #MAGA! #LawAndOrder!

Written by Staff Reports

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