Trump Slams Biased Judge in Witch Hunt Trial

President Trump came out swinging during his civil trial, blasting Judge Arthur Engoron as a partisan hack and accusing him of election interference. Trump, never shy to share his opinions, went so far as to call for the disbarment of Judge Engoron and suggested he should face criminal charges. And you know what? He might have a point! The judge was caught on camera smirking, fueling speculation that he has ulterior motives for ruling against Trump. It’s no surprise that the former President labeled this trial as another witch hunt, claiming that it’s just an attempt to tip the scales in Joe Biden’s favor for the 2024 election.

Let’s not forget that this isn’t the first time Trump has faced such attacks. Attorney General Letitia James has made it her mission to take down Trump since day one, reveling in her personal vendetta. Instead of prioritizing the safety of New Yorkers and going after violent criminals, she’s wasting her resources on trying to destroy a successful businessman. It’s clear where her priorities lie, and it’s not with the American people.

So, what’s the crime here? According to James, Trump defrauded banks by overvaluing his assets. But Trump argues that the banks were paid back, and they should have done their due diligence before lending any money. He claims that the judge undervalued his properties and that there is no victim in this case. The real crime, in Trump’s eyes, is the unjust persecution he’s endured from the Department of Justice.

In a surprising turn of events, Judge Engoron hit Trump with a gag order, preventing him from speaking out about the trial. It seems like they want to silence the man who speaks his mind and fights back against unfair treatment. This just goes to show you how desperate they are to suppress any dissenting voices.

When asked why he attended court on Monday, Trump said he wanted to witness the witch hunt firsthand. He’s been through it all before, but this time it’s getting dirtier. Trump pointed out that the DOJ prosecutor is seeking a gag order in a separate case, showing a pattern of trying to silence him. He firmly believes that this is an illegal attempt to interfere with the elections and undermine the United States of America.

It’s clear that President Trump is facing yet another unjust battle against those who are threatened by his success and refuse to accept the will of the American people. This trial is just another attempt to tarnish his reputation and discredit his achievements. But we know better, and we stand by our President as he fights back against these baseless accusations. Let’s hope justice prevails, and the real wrongdoers are held accountable for their actions.

Written by Staff Reports

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