Trump Slams Biden for Economic Policies That Favor China Over USA

Hold onto your MAGA hats, folks, because it’s time to break down the latest showdown between Donald Trump and Joe Biden! Trump came out swinging in a video, declaring that Biden’s economic policies are a one-way ticket to making America the doormat for China. The media, of course, rushed to shield Biden, sending in the cavalry of his loyalists to fact-check Trump. Surprise, surprise – turns out Trump wasn’t just blowing hot air; Biden is indeed cozying up to China, and the consequences are as dire as a canceled BBQ on the Fourth of July.

Case in point: the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Sounds promising, right? Wrong. Instead of curbing inflation or boosting American jobs, it’s like Biden handed Xi Jinping the keys to the White House and said, “Have at it, pal!” While China is setting up shop in our backyard, Biden is rolling out the red carpet for them, all in the name of green energy tax credits. And let’s not forget about slicing Medicare for seniors to foot the bill for these giveaways to China. Uncle Sam, it seems, is getting quite a bad deal in this unfortunate arrangement.

Even Democrats like Senator Joe Manchin are not immune to the wily ways of Biden’s economic handiwork. Manchin is up in arms over the Clean Vehicle Credit debacle, where American tax relief meant to boost the electric auto industry is being snatched up by China faster than you can say “Made in China.” These shenanigans are leaving American businesses high and dry while lining the pockets of our overseas pals. It’s like a bad magic trick – now you see the money, now it’s in China!

But here’s the kicker: Biden’s IRA isn’t just a snooze-fest for seniors and American businesses; it’s also a sneaky blow to the biopharma industry. By allowing government price controls on prescription drugs, Biden is taking a page out of China’s authoritarian playbook. This move could spell disaster for millions of American jobs and stifle the development of new medicines just when Granny needs that miracle pill the most. It’s like a double whammy of bad ideas with a sprinkle of economic doom on top.

So, in the epic battle of Trump vs. Biden, it looks like Trump’s claim that Biden is putting China first and America last is a bingo! Biden’s giveaways to China, slashing of Medicare, and job-killing schemes all point to an economic plan that’s about as pro-American as a soggy hot dog at a Fourth of July parade. We’d rate Trump’s claim as True with a capital T – and that’s one fact you can take to the patriotic bank!

Written by Staff Reports

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