Biden Struggles in Polls, Resorts to Questionable Letters from Children

Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, is struggling in the polls and isn’t doing well in his campaign. To drum up interest, he’s resorted to posting a questionable “letter” from two young girls, ages 10 and 8. This tactic is not new for Biden, as he previously posted a letter from a child named Charlotte, which many believed to be fake.

The latest letter from the two girls, Estelle and Josephine, thanking Biden for his kind wishes, was met with skepticism and mockery. Critics pointed out inconsistencies in the letter, such as the use of cursive writing, which is not commonly taught in schools anymore. They also questioned the authenticity of the letter due to pixelation in the image posted.

Some people found it concerning that Biden continues to focus on children in his public interactions, especially given past controversies and questions surrounding his behavior. The letter itself does not even offer strong praise for Biden, leading many to wonder about the purpose behind its publication.

This latest attempt by Biden to appeal to voters with a heartwarming gesture falls flat, further highlighting his disconnect from the American people. It is viewed as a desperate and phony move by a candidate who is struggling to connect with voters on a genuine level.

Written by Staff Reports

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