Trump SLAMS J6 Committee After Subpoena Decision

After the committee voted to issue a subpoena for him on Thursday, former President Donald Trump lambasted the committee, referring to it as a complete 'BUST.

Why didn't the Unselect Committee ask me to appear when they had the chance to do so several months ago?  In a post that he made on his Truth Social site, Trump stated. Why they waited until the very end, during the last minutes of their farewell get-together? Because the Committee is a complete waste of time and has only served to further polarize our country, which, by the way, is doing extremely poorly and has become a source of ridicule across the globe?"

The committee voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to issue a subpoena for Donald Trump, demanding the former president's personal testimony as it presented a new video from some of Trump's closest advisers explaining what it termed Trump's multi-part plan to overturn his loss in the 2020 election that ended in the attack on the United States Capitol.

The Republican representative for Wyoming on the committee, Liz Cheney, who also serves as the committee's vice chair, stated that We must obtain the oath testimony of January Sixth's pivotal actor.

It is almost inevitable that Trump will contest the subpoena and refuse to speak about the matter. In a series of tweets, the White House spokesman, Taylor Budowich, accused members of the panel of engaging in "partisan theatrics." He also stated that President Trump would not be intimidated by the panel's meritless rhetoric or un-American conduct.

During the 10th public session of the committee, which took place just a few short weeks before the midterm elections for the congressional midterms, the panel provided a summary of what it considered Trump's staggering betrayal of his oath of office.

According to the regulations of the committee, the panel that met on January 6 is required to produce a report of its conclusions, most likely by the end of the year. The committee will be dissolved thirty days after the report is published, along with the beginning of the new Congress in January.

If the Republicans in the House of Representatives emerge victorious in the upcoming midterm elections, it is widely anticipated that they will abandon the investigation into the events of January 6 and instead focus their attention on other matters, most notably President Joe Biden, his family, and his administration.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Newsmax.

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