The Meme Presidency of Joe Biden

Food costs have soared, making a trip to the grocery store and petrol station agonising for many Americans. From there, the agony spreads. Do you want to travel to see your annual family member? It's costlier. Need a weekend hotel room? It's costlier. School outfits for the kids? It's costlier.

Joe Biden's economy is unavoidable, which is driving the midterm move toward Republicans.

In such upheaval, the White House has scrambled to find a message plan that would provide political comfort. Unfortunately for the president's managers, Biden can't be contained. As RedState reported, he went out on Saturday and captured his enemies' worst comments.

Amazingly, he did the meme.

That started Biden's meme presidency. Biden is so out-of-touch that he's replicating popular online ridicule without recognising it, far from the far-flung proclamations that the current president will restore to normality. Even the waffle cone and ice cream hue were correct. The space-time continuum may have ruptured if he had worn aviators in the video clip.

According to Joe Biden, "the economy is strong as hell," even if you can't afford to send your kids to grandmother for Thanksgiving. You're foolish if you don't think everything's amazing. After all, the president owns a beach home and is doing well.

Millions of Americans are postponing retirement due to 401k and IRA losses.

As someone who has contributed above-average amounts to numerous retirement accounts since 21, that 25% reduction in less than a year is true. All of you reading this probably agree. Our heroic, absolutely not senile president tells you that "the economy is strong as hell" while he eats another scoop of double-chocolate chip ice cream.

We're passed insulting and into cruel now. You're suffering for the US President. Why? Because he thinks your misery might change energies and solidify his legacy. You're spending more at the grocery store and to heat your house so Biden can earn a paragraph in history. It boils down to that.

Biden is insensitive. His handlers are egotistical and ambitious. It's not usual under his administration. A meme.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Red State.

Written by Staff Reports

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