Trump Strikes Back! Returns to Instagram, Proves He’s a Man of the People

Former President Donald Trump has made a triumphant return to Instagram after being banned in 2021 due to the platform’s crackdown on conservative voices. Trump posted two photos on Tuesday, both highlighting the re-release of his popular NFT trading cards. He also made it clear that he is leaving the price of his trading cards the same as last time, even though they are selling for many times more in the market. This demonstrates that he is a man of the people who cares about his supporters more than his own profit, unlike the greedy Democrats who are all about making money.

Trump is now back on the trifecta of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which are crucial platforms for politicians as they gear up for the 2024 election. It’s no surprise that the tech industry and the liberal media have been doing everything they can to silence Trump and his supporters since the January 6th Capitol breach. But Trump’s return to Instagram is a clear sign that he will not be silenced and that he will continue to fight for conservative values and free speech.

Trump’s presence on Instagram has always been important, as it allows him to communicate directly with his followers without the biased filter of the liberal media. During his presidency, Trump used the platform to share photos and videos of his political rallies, speeches, and personal life. His account was closely watched as it gave an accurate representation of his message on key issues, such as immigration and the economy. Now that he is back, we can expect more insightful and truthful posts from the former President.

In conclusion, Trump’s return to Instagram is a win for conservatives and free speech advocates. It’s time to fight back against the liberal media and Silicon Valley elites who want to censor us and silence our voices. We stand behind Trump and his message, and we will continue to support him in his fight for a better America.

Written by Staff Reports

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