Trump Surges Past Biden, Even Post-Indictment, New Poll Reveals

A recent poll conducted by the Morning Consult revealed that Donald Trump, the former president, is leading Joe Biden, the incumbent, in the presidential race. According to the survey of over 6,000 voters, Trump received 44 percent of the support, while Biden managed 41 percent. This is bad news for Biden, as this result is very good for Trump.

The results of the poll showed that Donald Trump would be a better candidate than Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, against Joe Biden, the former vice president. However, the survey was conducted in June 2023.

This survey was conducted after a Harvard-Harris survey was released, which also showed similar results to a Morning Consult poll. The majority of the respondents stated that the federal indictment of Trump was politically motivated. The indictment did not damage the president, as the Morning Consult poll highlighted his lead.

According to John McLaughlin, a pollster, the public is starting to feel that they are suffering from buyer's remorse, and Trump is leading Biden by six points in a Harvard Harris poll. He noted that this has led to the rise of Trump. Other polls also show that the former president is ahead of Biden, such as those conducted by the ABC Washington Post and the Rasmussen Reports.

Twitter also reported that the public's support for Trump has increased. According to the social media platform, the former president gained four points in a week. This is Trump's biggest advantage since December.

If Trump wins the 2024 presidential election, he will become the first president in over a hundred years to not serve a full term in office. He will also become the first Republican president since George HW Bush in 2004. If he manages to secure a majority of the votes, he will become the president with a victory over the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden.

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