Trump Triumphs: Affirmative Action Ruling Declared a ‘Great Day’

In a landmark decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has brought an end to race-based affirmative action in college and university admissions, much to the delight of former President Donald Trump. Trump took to Truth Social, his preferred social media platform, to express his approval of the court’s ruling. He praised the move, stating, “We’re going back to all merit-based—and that’s the way it should be!”

Trump wasted no time in celebrating this victory for conservatism. He commended the decision just hours after the court presented it, with the six conservative justices uniting while their three liberal counterparts voiced dissent. By striking down this policy that had been in place for fifty years since the civil rights movement, the court signaled a significant shift away from the policies of the past.

“This is a great day for America,” proclaimed Trump. He emphasized that people who possess extraordinary abilities and all the necessary qualities for success, including future greatness for the country, will finally be rewarded. This victory adds to Trump’s ever-growing legacy, as he successfully appointed three conservative justices during his term.

Conservatives, led by Justice Clarence Thomas, have long argued against race-based affirmative action, depicting it as a policy that discriminated against high-achieving students in favor of select minority groups, particularly African-Americans. Asian students and their families have also voiced concerns, accusing prestigious institutions like Harvard University of denying them acceptance due to affirmative action policies that limited the number of Asian students admitted. The court’s ruling has now validated their claims.

Justice Thomas, in his concurring opinion, sternly criticized his liberal colleague, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, for promoting a “race-based world view.” He argued that liberals attempt to encourage equal outcomes based on race and skin color, undermining the achievements of deserving young men and women who have overcome immense odds. Thomas stressed that the sum of one’s unique experiences, challenges, and accomplishments should matter, not the barriers they face or their racial and ethnic background.

While acknowledging the historical challenges faced by black Americans, Thomas expressed hope that the ruling would inspire the country to live up to its principles of true colorblind equality. He highlighted the importance of individual agency in confronting and overcoming obstacles.

This Supreme Court decision represents a triumph for conservatives and a victory for Trump. It puts an end to race-based affirmative action and paves the way for a more merit-based admissions process. With this ruling, the court has signaled its commitment to a future where equal opportunities are not determined by race or ethnicity.

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