Louisiana Crushes Big Pharma, Saves Rural Lifeline! Even Dems Agree!

In a stunning move last week, Louisiana decided to stick it to Big Pharma and sign into law a bill that protects a drug-discount program that actually benefits hardworking rural folks. Can you believe it? The Louisiana House passed the bill with an overwhelming 97-2 vote, while the Senate also gave it the green light. Way to go, Louisiana!

Now, you must be wondering what this bill actually does. Well, it blocks those Big Pharma fat cats from denying or interfering with drug discounts that are meant to help providers who take care of rural patients. These discounts are a lifeline for hospitals in these areas, ensuring that they have the resources they need to keep on fighting the good fight.

But here’s the kicker, folks. While these providers get the drugs at discounted prices, they still get to charge insurance companies and wealthier patients the full price. Talk about a sweet deal! This allows these hospitals and clinics to bring in some much-needed revenue and deliver the quality care that our hardworking rural communities deserve.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why is this notable? Well, it’s because this bill was signed into law by none other than Governor John Bel Edwards, a Democrat! Yes, you heard that right. Even a conservative Democrat like Edwards sees the importance of protecting this drug discount program. It just goes to show that there’s still some common sense left in the world of politics.

But let me tell you about some of the other states that have been attacking this program. Take New York, for example. Governor Kathy Hochul, another Democrat, wants to take over all the drug purchasing and suspend this program. What a disaster! These blue states just don’t get it. They’re too busy playing politics instead of actually helping their citizens.

And don’t get me started on Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont. This guy, who couldn’t even beat Senator Joe Lieberman back in the day, is attacking the 340b program too. It’s like he’s got a personal vendetta against it. Maybe he’s just mad because it benefits a lot of Trump voters in Connecticut. Oh well, Lamont’s loss and our gain, I suppose.

The good news is that Louisiana isn’t alone in this fight. States like Arizona have also passed laws to protect this program and prevent discrimination against participating hospitals. It’s a ray of hope in a sea of blue.

Now, I know this news might not be as exciting as Hunter Biden’s legal troubles or Lauren Boebert’s attempts to impeach Joe Biden. But let me tell you, this is the real deal. This will actually have an impact on the lives of Louisianans and potentially Americans across the country if other states follow suit.

So kudos to you, Louisiana, for standing up to Big Pharma and protecting our rural communities. It’s about time someone put the needs of the people before profits. Keep fighting the good fight!

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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