Trump Triumphs Again as 14th Amendment Case Tossed Out in MA

In yet another win for former President Donald Trump, the Massachusetts State Ballot Law Commission has thrown out claims that he is ineligible to be on GOP presidential primary ballots due to his alleged participation in an insurrection on January 6, 2021. Now, let’s be clear, Trump has not been charged or convicted of inciting or participating in any such event.

However, the opponents of Trump’s candidacy argued that the 14th Amendment’s insurrection ban should prevent him from being considered for the office. Fortunately, the commission didn’t even bother looking into these baseless claims and simply stated that they didn’t have jurisdiction to address the matter. Good riddance!

Of course, the sore losers were not satisfied with the commission’s decision and plan to appeal. It’s clear that these individuals are on a never-ending quest to undermine Trump’s presidency. They need to accept defeat and move on.

These challenges to Trump’s candidacy have been popping up all over the country, with at least 31 states facing similar attempts. However, the vast majority of these efforts have been swiftly shut down, including in states like California, Michigan, and Florida. Judges and commissions have been unwilling to entertain these ridiculous arguments based on the 14th Amendment.

In Colorado and Maine, unfortunately, Trump did not come out on top. The state Supreme Court in Colorado and a rogue Democrat election official in Maine ruled him ineligible. It’s clear that these decisions are politically motivated and should not be taken seriously. Thankfully, these cases are now headed to the Supreme Court, where we can hope for a fair and just ruling.

The Democrats’ desperate attempts to keep Trump off the ballot reek of fear and desperation. They resort to tactics that are more common in dictatorships, not in the land of the free. It’s a sad state of affairs when the opposition party tries to silence their opponents rather than engaging in fair and open political discourse.

There’s no doubt that most of these 14th Amendment challenges will continue to fail, and the Supreme Court will hopefully put an end to this absurd argument once and for all. It’s disheartening to witness these attempts to undermine democracy, but it’s also a stark reminder of what the Democrats truly stand for. We must remain vigilant and fight for the rights of all Americans to participate in the political process.

Written by Staff Reports

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