Trump Triumphs Again, NH Turns into Trump Town as Rivals Bail

It’s that time again, folks! The Republicans are at it in the race to the 2024 convention, and things are heating up in good ol’ New Hampshire. The primary, which once had a healthy lineup, might just turn into a one-horse show after Tuesday. You guessed it – it’s former President Donald Trump galloping ahead with all the momentum after his colossal win in Iowa. The guy’s on a roll!

Now, the only one who dares to challenge Trump is former Ambassador Nikki Haley. Bless her heart, but she’s facing some pretty tough odds. Even with the endorsement of New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, it seems like a steep hill to climb against the Trump train. Many of her former rivals, like Governor Doug Burgum and Senators Tim Scott and Ron DeSantis, have hopped on board the Trump express. Choo choo!

And let’s not forget about the midnight vote in Dixville Notch. All six people there apparently gave a vote to Haley. Bless their hearts, at least they made an effort. But the real action happened throughout the day, with regular voters casting their picks. Exciting stuff, y’all!

Here’s the deal – there are 22 delegates up for grabs in New Hampshire, and they’re going to be divvied up proportionally, just like in Iowa. But get this, New Hampshire lets anyone, even the independents, join in on the fun. It’s not just a party affair, y’all! Now that’s what you call a good old-fashioned, inclusive party.

But hold on a second – across the aisle, the Democrats are choosing their nominee too. The only issue? President Joe Biden isn’t even on the ballot! What a mess, right? Looks like someone didn’t get the memo that New Hampshire wasn’t diverse enough for the DNC’s liking. Ouch! No delegates for the Democrats, and they have to rely on write-in votes. Talk about a party foul!

Now, keep your eyes peeled here at Townhall for all the live updates and election calls. We’ve got the inside scoop, and we’re not holding back. The next showdowns are in Nevada on February 8 and South Carolina on February 24, so get ready to saddle up for more Republican excitement. Until then, y’all!

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