Trump Triumphs, Biden Bombs, Haley’s Cash Crisis Worsens

Former President Donald Trump continues to dominate the Republican primaries, and his win in the New Hampshire primary is further proof of his enduring popularity. Trump secured victory over Nikki Haley by a staggering 11-point lead, solidifying his position as the frontrunner. The contrast between the voters for Trump and Haley is striking, with Trump winning 70 percent of registered Republicans and 27 percent of undeclared voters. In contrast, Haley received support from only 27 percent of Republicans and a crushing 70 percent of undeclared voters. This outcome indicates Trump’s unwavering strength within the party and raises serious concerns for Joe Biden’s chances in the general election.

The New Hampshire primary revealed some intriguing trends. Firstly, the Republican primary saw record-breaking participation, surpassing 320,000 voters. Trump secured a commanding majority with 54 percent of the votes, the highest number ever achieved by a candidate in a New Hampshire primary, regardless of party affiliation. Notably, Trump outperformed his 2016 results in almost every town, with double-digit margins. This emphatic victory demonstrates Trump’s growing popularity and cements his status as the Republican front-runner come the general election.

On the other hand, Joe Biden faced a humiliating setback due to Democratic National Committee (DNC) gamesmanship. The DNC designated South Carolina as the first primary, assuming it would benefit Biden. However, when New Hampshire refused to delay its primary, Biden was left off the ballot, resulting in his meager numbers being shielded from further embarrassment. Some Democrats even launched a write-in campaign for Biden to salvage his abysmal showing. Furthermore, the high number of undeclared voters, many of whom lean left, likely impacted Biden’s final tally, leaving him with disappointing results.

Rep. Dean Phillips, Biden’s main challenger, offered some damning insights into the former vice president’s performance. Phillips stated that Biden should consider anything less than the 81-84 percent mark secured by past Democratic presidents Obama and Clinton as a disappointment. However, with late-night figures showing Phillips below 20 percent of the vote, it’s safe to say that Biden’s underwhelming performance falls well short of his expectations. Even when accounting for remaining write-in votes, Biden’s support hovers at a meager 72 percent, painting a picture of embarrassment for the former VP.

Nikki Haley’s woes continue beyond her dismal showing in the New Hampshire primary. LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman, a known Democratic donor, has decided to halt his financial support for Haley, despite previously donating $250,000 to a PAC backing her. It’s worth noting that Hoffman had publicly endorsed Biden, but he had sought to undermine Trump by supporting Haley. This is just another example of Democrats trying to meddle in the Republican primary and influence the outcome. Additionally, three clients who had generously contributed up to $100,000 each to Haley’s campaign have withdrawn their financial support. While some fundraisers may express verbal support for Haley, doubts linger about their ability to raise substantial funds for her campaign, especially considering her lackluster performance thus far. With Haley currently trailing by a significant 30 points in her home state of South Carolina, her fundraising prospects appear dim.

In conclusion, Trump’s victory in the New Hampshire primary, Biden’s embarrassing results, and Haley’s fundraising troubles all contribute to a challenging landscape for the Democratic Party. Trump’s unwavering support among Republicans and his ability to outperform previous records bodes well for his chances in the general election. Meanwhile, Biden’s lackluster performance and reliance on write-in votes expose the weaknesses of his campaign. Additionally, Haley’s struggles to secure funding and her significant deficit in South Carolina pose significant obstacles for her aspiration to secure the nomination. As the primary season unfolds, these developments hint at an uphill battle for the Democrats in their quest to unseat Trump.

Written by Staff Reports

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