Abbott Blasts Biden’s Border Fiasco, Texas Fights Back!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has had it up to here with President Joe Biden and his flimsy border policies! In a scorching statement, Abbott made it crystal clear that he’s not going to sit idly by while the Biden administration turns Texas into a revolving door for illegal immigrants. Abbott came out swinging, defending Texas’ right to protect itself and its citizens from the chaos at the border.

For over three years, Texas has been dealing with the fallout from Biden’s border blunders. Communities are being overrun, and public services are strained to the breaking point, all thanks to the unchecked flow of illegal immigration. And what does Biden do? He calls in the lawyers and sues Texas for trying to secure its own border! Talk about a topsy-turvy world.

Abbott didn’t hold anything back as he called out Biden for trampling all over immigration laws and leaving Texas to deal with the mess. He pointed out how Biden’s lax approach to immigration has turned the southern border into a free-for-all, endangering the lives of both migrants and American citizens.

The Texas governor even took a page from history, citing the founding fathers and the state’s constitutional authority to defend and protect itself. Abbott firmly stated that Texas won’t be beholden to a lawless president who puts its people in harm’s way. In fact, Texas is taking matters into its own hands by deploying the National Guard and other state agencies to secure the border. You go, Texas!

To drive the point home, Abbott dared Biden to send in federal forces to stop Texas from doing what needs to be done. And you know what? Abbott is absolutely right to take a stand. A state shouldn’t have to beg the federal government for help when its very existence is on the line. It’s high time Texas showed some backbone and said, “Enough is enough!”


Written by Staff Reports

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