Trump’s Iowa Surge: Haley’s Hubris, DeSantis Snubbed, GOP Rematch Looms

Republicans in Iowa have made their intentions clear: they want a rematch of the 2020 election, and Donald Trump is leading the charge. Now, whether that’s a smart move or not, only time will tell. But one thing is for sure, the current calm before the storm is just a mirage. Brace yourselves, folks!

While it comes as no surprise that Trump is leading in Iowa, what caught the attention of our conservative writer was Nikki Haley’s impressive showing, clinching a spot in the top three. However, the former South Carolina governor’s claim that the race has narrowed to a “two-person” contest seems a bit odd, considering her standing among Republican voters.

This reminds our writer of a post made a few months ago. It seems that the donors and political groups backing Haley were blinded by their own excessive self-confidence and pride, also known as hubris. Despite polls consistently showing Haley’s unpopularity within the Republican Party compared to other top contenders, these groups believed they could dethrone Trump without making any compromises. Ah, the audacity!

Meanwhile, our writer points out that Ron DeSantis, who had a much higher favorable rating among Republicans, was ignored by this Never Trump, neoconservative faction within the GOP. Why? Simply because DeSantis didn’t align with their ideology and wasn’t willing to bend to their whims. DeSantis stayed true to his core principles, fought the battle against woke culture, stood up for truth on issues like gender, and even told Disney to take a hike.

But alas, the Never Trumpers saw Haley as their golden ticket to return the party to its pre-Trump days, conveniently avoiding any introspection into their own failures. And now, they shall face the consequences of their hubris. Our writer concludes by saying that they deserve whatever they get from Trump’s triumphant return. Well deserved, indeed!


Written by Staff Reports

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