Tucker Carlson to Challenge Zelenskyy After Putin Interview

Tucker Carlson has decided to sprinkle some spice into his interview repertoire by snagging a sit-down with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Carlson, never one to shy from poking the bear, even hinted that this conversation is the perfect counterbalance to his recent chat with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Carlson couldn’t help but jab at the absurdity of such a “much-needed” dialogue, saying it’s been in the works for two years, especially ramping up efforts after his February interview with Putin. As usual, Carlson aims to deliver the raw, unfiltered truth about the squabbles reshaping America’s position on the global chessboard. 


Historically, Carlson hasn’t exactly been Zelenskyy’s number one fan. He’s painted the Ukrainian leader as a less-than-flattering mix of a sweaty comedian-turned-oligarch who’s cozying up to big corporations like BlackRock and allegedly persecuting Christians. Subtle he is not, and he has certainly ruffled some feathers in Kyiv.

Zelenskyy, never one to remain silent, has returned fire by likening Carlson’s interview style to bovine excrement. He dismisses Carlson’s version of international affairs as a waste of time, signaling his disdain for Carlson’s takes on the conflict, relations with the United States, and just about everything else.

Carlson, always the realist, reiterated his stance that Ukraine cannot triumph over Russia. He emphasized that the statistical and logistical odds are overwhelmingly against this small nation trying to fend off a giant. Carlson noted that even Zelenskyy was in favor of seeking peace early on in the conflict, but Western manipulation has driven Ukraine to its current state.

Adding to the controversy, Carlson highlighted a new Ukrainian law that allows foreign corporations to own land in the country. Carlson suggests this law will fundamentally change Ukraine for decades, effectively bartering away its national identity to multinational corporations. His view is that Ukraine is merely a puppet for Western elites, orchestrating a tragedy that burdens both nations with unnecessary shame and tragedy.

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