Tucker Dismantles the Democrats; Schiff Retaliates with a Stunning Self-Own

This week on Tucker Carlson's show, he discussed the dangerous traits of weak men. He said that these are men who only care about their own power and are not interested in principles. Hollow men are those who live in fear of being revealed who they are.

He referred to Adam Kinzinger, a former congressman, and Eric Swalwell, a member of congress from California. He said that these are insecure and sad men who grew up feeling bitter and envious.

He also referenced the husband of Kamala Harris, who said that toxic masculinity is not the issue but the lack of it.

He then referred to Joe Biden and said that he has the same weakness as Attorney General Garland.

Joe Biden is known for his weakness. This vulnerability, which he projects, could potentially endanger the world.

He was able to get into power by following Barack Obama's coattails. However, as we have seen, he is a Trojan horse that the left can ride into power with, and he has thrown away moderate positions that he claimed to have.

If you lack principles like Joe Biden, then you are not only weak, but you also have no core. This is because you are anything to everyone, and your lack of principles allows you to pander to everyone. When you say something that doesn't get a response, you end up raising flags to China and Russia, which shows that you are weak.

When it comes to the situation involving the Chinese spy balloon that was flying over our airspace, Biden said that he was not worried about China's intentions, as long as he did not violate the country's airspace. He also stated that after the incident, he would not talk about the issue as if it was the US that did something wrong. The Chinese would reportedly like to see Biden lose his face as they see him as the one who did something wrong.

Tucker said that Biden is like a hollow man who lives in fear of being revealed. This is a condition that he has had throughout his public life, and it has gotten worse as he has gotten older. Unfortunately, this is a danger that everyone should be aware of.

Adam Schiff was not able to take Tucker Carlson's segment. He had to respond.

Even though his response was weak, he did not even bother to tag Tucker. He knew that he could not compete with Tucker, and he also knew that what he said was true. He refused to appear on Tucker's show due to how he knew that he could not deal with the questions that he would get. This was a self-awareness failure for Biden, as he has been known for lying about Russia.

Despite his weak response, it is clear that Adam Schiff is still concerned about the thousands of hours of footage that he saw on January 6. This is why he is constantly going after Carlson. Some of this footage will hit this week, and it will cause more outbursts from him.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on RedState

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