Tucker vs Fox: Battle Erupts Over Twitter Show, Conservatives Boycott Network

Fox News is facing backlash after sending a “cease and desist” letter to Tucker Carlson regarding his Twitter show. Apparently, the show is a breach of Carlson’s contract with the network, which both parties seem to interpret differently. The feud between the conservative commentator and Fox News management has been brewing for weeks, with both sides accusing each other of breach of contract. However, attorney and former RNC Chair candidate Harmeet Dhillon has come to Carlson’s defense, declaring Fox a “No-Go Zone” due to their attempts to silence Carlson and calling out other conservatives to join her in boycotting the network.

Dhillon accused Fox News of “ignoring the interests of its viewers, not to mention its shareholder obligations.” She went on to tweet that her friend and client Tucker Carlson “will not be silenced – by the far left or by Fox News.” Dhillon explained that she’s “passionately committed to free speech and a free flow of information necessary for a free society.” Until Fox stops trying to silence Carlson, she will not be appearing on the network. Dhillon also warned other Republicans about airing their views on a network that appears to be focused on squelching speech rather than championing it.

It’s not surprising that a network like Fox News would attempt to silence a conservative voice like Tucker Carlson. They fear Carlson’s strong voice and large following because he represents a threat to their establishment. However, Fox’s attempts to silence Carlson only highlight their hypocrisy and their true motives. Fox News was once considered the “Fair and Balanced” news network, but now they have become a censored version of the news, bowing down to pressure from those who want to silence conservative voices. Fortunately, with people like Dhillon taking a stand, there is still hope for free speech and the free flow of information on other outlets.

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