UNREAL: Majority Of Voters Know J6 Was Instigated By Undercover Agents

A recent survey conducted by Rasmussen has indicated that a significant proportion of probable voters, including 57% of Democrats, hold the view that the January 6 unrest at the Capitol was provoked by federal agents. This poll is hardly unexpected for numerous conservative journalists and analysts who have been challenging the mainstream media’s portrayal that supporters of Donald Trump independently sought access to the Capitol.

The survey inquired, “How likely is it that undercover government agents helped provoke the Capitol riot?” In response, 61% of probable voters affirmed that it was either highly likely (39%) or moderately likely (22%) that the government had a hand in inciting the unrest on January 6. The results are also analyzed based on political party affiliation, with 57% of Democrats indicating that it was highly likely (34%) or moderately likely (23%), while for Republicans, 51% said highly likely and 19% said moderately likely.

The outcomes of this survey are substantiated by photographic evidence and testimonies from witnesses, which indicate that federal agents may have urged Donald Trump’s supporters to gain entry into the Capitol premises. As a result, Tucker Carlson, who has obtained access to several hours of surveillance footage from the Capitol, is planning to examine and disclose the footage. Rasmussen’s poll also inquired whether probable voters believed that the Capitol footage should be made public, with 80% of respondents concurring that it was essential to release the footage.

This survey is another illustration of how the liberal media has been attempting to conceal the facts about the events that occurred on January 6th. They have been promoting a spurious account that Trump supporters acted independently, while underplaying the part played by federal agents in instigating the riot. The poll indicates that the American people are not swayed by this false narrative and are seeking clarification. It is imperative that the truth is exposed and that those who were responsible for provoking the riot are held responsible.

The liberal media has been endeavoring to manipulate this narrative to cast a negative image of Trump supporters, but this survey reveals that the American people are well aware of their stratagem. It is evident that most voters believe that federal agents played a part in instigating the January 6th riot, and it is now imperative to hold those responsible for their actions.

It is worth mentioning that fewer than 50% of probable voters believed that the January 6 Committee did a commendable job. This serves as further evidence of how the liberal media has been attempting to conceal the reality of the events that occurred on January 6th. It is now imperative to disclose the truth and to ensure that justice is served.

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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