Van Jones Warns Obama Coalition Collapsing as Biden Support Crumbles

Van Jones, the proud liberal who once lost his job for running his mouth during the Obama administration, occasionally serves up some honesty that even MSNBC clowns can’t muster. Recently, Jones admitted the obvious: the Obama coalition is crashing like Joe Biden’s mental faculties.

Speaking at the Milken Institute’s Global Conference, Jones issued a scathing report on the deteriorating health of what was once an unbeatable coalition. Republicans and Democrats alike should’ve learned by now—there’s no such thing as a permanent political majority, no matter how invincible it once seemed. Liberals may mock this notion, and Jones acknowledges he gets flak for it, but the evidence is staring them right in the face: the voter groups that once overwhelmingly backed Democrats aren’t toeing the party line anymore.

Jones hit the panic button, pointing out that the core white working-class voter base abandoned the Democrats in 2016, and now, black and Latino working-class voters are drifting away too. Sure, Biden can still count on the majority of the black vote, but they’re not all in for Sleepy Joe anymore. Jones stressed that a significant segment feels disillusioned and marginalized—“hurtin’ and uncertain,” in his words. This is not about who they hate but about the condescending woke lectures from Democrats they are sick and tired of.

The wave of voter fatigue is hitting Biden hard, with his support among blacks under 50 plummeting from an 80-point lead in 2020 to a mere 37 points now. Trump is set to perform historically well among black voters. If this trend holds, Biden can kiss the White House goodbye. Young people aren’t exactly lining up to cheer for him, either. Once the torchbearers of Obama’s “yes we can” optimism, they’re now disengaged and demobilized, leaving Democrats in a tight spot. Even labor unions, traditionally Democratic bastions, are fracturing. The United Auto Workers might have a pro-Biden leadership, but the rank and file? Not so much. The president of the Teamsters, Sean O’Brien, is even slated to speak at the Republican Convention. Hard to read that as anything but an implicit thumbs-up for Trump.

Jones has been singing this tune for a while. Back in 2016, he warned that Democrats were napping through their vulnerability along the so-called blue wall, and Trump’s victory over Hillary proved him right. Fast forward to 2024, and the cracks are glaringly obvious. Besides, the Democrats don’t exactly have an Obama-caliber candidate ready to patch things up. Instead, they’re stuck with Biden, who increasingly resembles a live-action spoof of a failing politician. He’s barely coherent after dusk and looks more like a beer league player fumbling in a heavyweight championship.

Even Democrats admit that Biden didn’t win in 2020 because he inspired the masses; it was more about Trump losing to the chaos of COVID-19. With the virus in the rearview mirror, Biden has nothing to fall back on but his questionable competency. And that, folks, is a disaster waiting to unfold.

Written by Staff Reports

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