VIDEO: House Speaker HEAVILY Intoxicated During Legislative Session

In a shocking incident, Social Media has gone into a frenzy after Republican Texas State House Speaker Dade Phelan seemed unfit for the task by being either heavily intoxicated or in a stroke during a legislative session. The spine-chilling video shared online shows Phelan speaking incoherently while pointing at various individuals and trying to discuss a proposed amendment. The video was captured at the Texas House of Representatives. The Republican Nation and concerned residents alike are left aghast after this clip surfaced online, questioning Phelan’s ability to serve as a responsible leader.

Other politicians have come out and spoken about the prevalent culture of irresponsible drinking in the Texas House. “Anyone who watches the [Texas] House knows many of the members are regularly intoxicated. Watching the Speaker be this wasted is absolutely unacceptable,” Jonathan Strickland alleges on his Twitter account, sharing the footage of Phelan. “These Representatives are making laws that impact 30 million Texans. It must stop.” This is not just an isolated incident, and the Republican government of Texas needs to take the necessary measures to control this situation.

None can confirm that Phelan was intoxicated, or it was a medical emergency. Still, it wouldn’t be surprising as sources say that alcoholic behavior is a regular and accepted aspect of political culture in Texas. The Conservative commentator, Greg Price, shared the footage, pointing out the scary yet unsurprising fact that nobody stopped and asked Phelan if he needed help, and the House kept going while Phelan Adjourns the session.

This situation should be an eye-opener for the Republican government of Texas. It’s high time they take responsibility and accountability for their actions, especially when they are responsible for making decisions that impact the life of 30 million Texans. If lawmakers can’t even present a sober state while working, how can Texans trust them to deliver fair and just governance? The Texas Government needs to put strict regulations on the drinking culture and enforce bans to ensure lawmakers are making decisions under a conscious state.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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