NAACP Race-Baits Florida with Ridiculous Travel Warning: Here’s the Truth

The NAACP has taken another low blow at Florida by issuing a travel warning for the state on the grounds that it supposedly promotes “hostility” towards African Americans and those from different sexual orientations. This warning is not only preposterous but delusional, and it reveals the agency’s fraudulent intentions to depict Florida as a freighting and hostile state for Blacks. These claims are purely ignorant and baseless, and the NAACP should stop their race-baiting tactics right now.

The NAACP, founded over a century ago, is historically known for its work in the African American community. However, their “woke” ideologies, which see racism in every action, are not only disruptive but are causing the community to question the relevance of the organization in modern times. Governor DeSantis’ refusal to involve “queer theory” within the AP curriculum, a theory that sees society through the lens of sexual orientation, is a justifiable stance that many Floridians support.

DeSantis believes in providing education that does not advocate indoctrination, prejudice, and guilt towards all citizens, including African Americans. The “woke” left’s decision to force young children to learn such divisive theories is not education at all; it is pure propaganda. Governor DeSantis is offering a comprehensive history that students can rightfully learn from, and he should be applauded for it.

The NAACP also targets DeSantis’ signing of the “Stop W.O.K.E. Act,” which bars faculties from teaching race-related topics that may cause psychological distress to students. This move was meant to safeguard impressionable minds from needless guilt and angst without any basis on fact; however, the NAACP has used it as a smokescreen to propagate their “woke” ideology.

These recent moves by the NAACP in creating panic around travel to Florida are purely politically motivated to attract attention to their organization intentionally. Instead, the NAACP has shown nothing but enmity towards the state. Its leaders should stop this continued race-baiting behavior and work to bring Americans together, regardless of their race, class, or sexual orientation, to build a more unified future.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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