Biden caught in yet another lie, takes credit for Alliance that Trump revived

According to a recent news report, US President Joe Biden is once again resorting to lying, this time about an alliance known as the Quad. Although he claimed credit for the group, Biden was not telling the truth.

The Quad was first established in 2007 by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, with the leaders of India and Australia. It was then dissolved in 2008 after Australia withdrew. In 2017, the four original members, which included Donald Trump, resurrected the alliance at an event of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

It is possible that Biden is trying to take credit for his own achievements, even though he may not have the necessary facts to do so. His diplomatic efforts have also been suspect. For instance, he tried to use China to help solve the Ukraine crisis, which only resulted in both Russia and China becoming closer allies.

In addition, Biden also made a couple of errors regarding the US' policy toward China. For instance, he said that American troops would be willing to defend Taiwan in a conflict with China.

Throughout his political career, Biden has been criticized for his failure to properly address international issues. For instance, France, the United States' longest-standing ally, recalled its ambassador after he decided to ignore the country's requests and sign a nuclear submarine deal with Australia. He was also held in contempt by the UK Parliament for his actions in Afghanistan. Despite his erroneous claims about the Quad, Biden still deserves some credit for not completely undermining the alliance.

This week, Biden had to cancel the Quad summit in Australia, which was supposed to be held after the G7 meeting. He decided to return to the US following the meeting of the G7 to continue negotiations regarding the debt limit. For more than two months, he refused to negotiate with the House Republicans over a plan to raise the debt ceiling. Because of his failure to reach a deal, many people have questioned his diplomatic abilities.

Source: Townhall


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