Watch: Biden Family Uses The New Year To Push Their Covid Vax

The Biden administration is obsessed with convincing people to get vaccinated against the contagious disease COVID-19. This includes making people get multiple boosters, as well as giving them a booster every year for flu shots. Whenever a major event or celebration occurs, the president and his wife, Jill, can remind us that we have to keep up with the changes.

During the Breaking 911 segment on ABC News, one of the messages that Vice President Biden and First Lady Laura delivered to Americans was about the importance of taking care of one's health. In the name of spreading the word about the COVID vaccine, the first lady urged people to get the flu shot. The president, who was obviously very old and appeared to be in good health, then offered to share a translation of the message.

Ryan Seacrest, who hosts the "Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve" television program, thanked the two individuals for their message. He then said "Happy New Year" to the two.

On Black Friday, the White House's press secretary, Jean-Pierre, posted a message on Twitter asking people to get the updated COVID vaccines. The message was then followed by other officials as other important issues were being discussed, such as the protests against China's zero COVID policies.

The Biden family has been pushing for people to get their flu shots for a long time. In October, the president once again urged individuals to get their shots, even though he was already feeling a boost. His statements at that time were very pessimistic and filled with a lot of negativity.

Despite the constant reminders, various departments and members of the administration have a hard time keeping up with the details of how often people should get boosters.

The administration decided to use the Christmas season to promote the importance of vaccinations by sharing a message on Twitter. It came as Biden had already stated in a previous message that the COVID-19 pandemic was over.

Bonchie at RedState shared a very negative review of the Biden administration's New Year's message. He called out how Jill Biden seemingly refuses to take a break, even during a holiday season, from her constant propaganda.

When it came to the reactions to the messages sent out by the Biden administration regarding the availability of the COVID vaccines, many people on Twitter criticized the way the first lady was referred to as Dr. Biden. Since she holds a PhD, and is not a medical doctor, many people also pointed out that she was promoting Big Pharma's interests.

Around 6,000 people have responded to the video, which was posted just 24 hours ago. A total of 1,268 people were quoted as taking issue with the message.

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