WATCH: Biden Nearly Faceplants During G7 Summit

President Joe Biden’s age and physical abilities are being called into question yet again after nearly taking a dangerous tumble at the G7 Summit in Japan. The 80-year-old president stumbled down a set of stairs, nearly falling, but fortunately regained his balance. This incident raises concerns about Biden’s vigor for the demanding job of president and poses a serious risk to the country if he were to become incapacitated.

Despite his doctors’ assurances that he is in robust shape, Biden’s numerous trips and falls in public appearances have puzzled and worried many Americans. Biden famously tripped twice while boarding Air Force One and even fell from his bike during a ride near his home in Delaware. It seems that the president is unable to maintain his balance and stability, creating further doubts about his ability to handle the pressures of the presidency.

These concerns about Biden’s fitness couldn’t come at a worse time for his administration, which is confronting difficult decisions regarding the debt ceiling and immigration policy. On top of that, the rising inflation rates have caused anxiety among the American people. Even liberal Democrats have expressed skepticism that Biden can lead the country effectively.

With a recent poll showing former President Donald Trump leading Biden by a significant margin, there is growing speculation that Trump may make a comeback to the White House in the next election. Adding insult to injury, Biden is also facing challengers for the Democratic nomination, including Robert F. Kennedy and spiritual guru Marianne Williamson. It seems the road ahead for Biden is riddled with obstacles, both physical and political.

Written by Staff Reports

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