WATCH: Sloppy Senator Fetterman’s Shocking Disregard For Decorum

On Thursday, Senator John Fetterman proved once again that he lacks the professionalism required of his position. He demonstrated his disregard for the seriousness of the debt ceiling negotiations by appearing in a sloppy Carhartt hoodie rather than the typical formal wear expected of senators.

Furthermore, Fetterman’s remarks were dismissive and lacked coherence. He laughably referred to the entire GOP’s efforts to address the debt ceiling as a “sad charade” and stuttered through his entire speech.

Fetterman’s call for the utilization of the Fourteenth Amendment to address the debt ceiling crisis was equally concerning. Rather than engaging in constructive dialogue with the GOP, he suggested that President Biden should consider invoking the amendment, even though this would undermine the delicate balance of authority.

Fetterman’s attire and lack of professionalism are deeply concerning. On top of his lack of respect for the gravity of his office, he appears to be attempting to shatter the bounds of acceptable dress code. Senate Republicans need to distance themselves from Fetterman and his destructive rhetoric, and work towards a productive and respectful solution to the debt ceiling crisis.

Written by Staff Reports

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