WaPo reporter exposed for biased attacks and abusing Twitter privileges

The Washington Post continues to prove that they are biased towards liberal journalists with a lack of accountability. According to an independent journalist, Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz had “privileged access” to Twitter before Elon Musk’s purchase of the social media site. It is clear that Lorenz abused her access and the system as she expressed her disdain towards Musk’s decision to grant a general amnesty to banned accounts in November.

Lorenz has faced backlash for her behavior towards conservative accounts, including doxxing accounts such as LibsOfTikTok, which is popular among conservatives. Lorenz worked with her sources to pierce the anonymity of some accounts, leading to a gross invasion of privacy. It is unethical for a journalist to hide behind their protected status and recklessly attack individuals who do not share their beliefs.

Musk purchased Twitter for the purpose of creating a “common digital town square” on the site. However, it seems that Lorenz was working to silence voices that did not align with her liberal agenda. Recently, Lorenz reportedly secured the ban on the Twitter user @fearthefloof, who was posting information on Lorenz’s background. Lorenz claimed that @fearthefloof was engaged in “ban evasion.” However, the account was generally healthy and mostly conversational or commentary in nature.

Lorenz’s “reporting targets” also expressed their belief that she appeared to “work in concert” with some of her sources. In one instance, Alejandra Carabello and the Center for Countering Digital Hate, both favored sources for Lorenz, pushed for the removal of the popular LibsOfTikTok account following a report where Lorenz revealed the identity of the founder, Chaya Raichik. It is concerning that Lorenz’s sources were able to influence her reporting, suggesting further that Lorenz’s reporting is not unbiased.

The Washington Post has yet to respond to the accusations against Lorenz, highlighting their lack of accountability and their disregard for conservative voices. It is time for media outlets to hold their reporters accountable for their actions, especially when they abuse their access to social media platforms.

Written by Staff Reports

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