WATCH: CNN Host Devastated After Fox News Settlement Reached

Fox News, the conservative news outlet, can finally breathe a sigh of relief, thanks to their decision to settle the lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems, the company they accused of rigging the 2020 elections, without a public trial. Dominion had sued the news organization for a whopping $1.6 billion, but Fox News got off easy – they only had to pay $787 million to settle the case. This settlement was reached just as the court proceedings were about to commence, saving Fox from a humiliating public trial that would have been sponsored by the liberal media.

Predictably, the liberal media cried foul about the settlement, especially CNN reporters who expressed outrage at Fox News’ lack of journalistic professionalism. One can’t help but laugh at Jake Tapper, who accused Fox News of going after ratings instead of real news. This accusation is quite rich, considering that CNN had to settle a lawsuit against them for falsely labeling Nick Sandmann, a Covington High School student, as a racist. But then again, this kind of double standard is a hallmark of the liberal media.

Alisyn Camerota, another CNN anchor and former Fox News employee, was also upset about the settlement, claiming that Fox News had benefited from it. Apparently, she was disappointed that Fox did not have to air its “dirty laundry” in a court of law. Camerota also seemed to think that the $787 million settlement was chump change for Fox News, which reportedly makes over $1 billion a year from its news division alone.

Despite all the hand wringing from the liberal media, Fox News has come out victorious in this lawsuit. They did not have to issue a public apology, nor did they have to put their big stars on the stand. Fox News can now go back to doing what it does best – reporting real news and providing excellent conservative commentary while the Biden administration continues its gross incompetence and takes the country further into recession.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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