WATCH: Tucker RIPS Dan Crenshaw On Live TV

Tucker Carlson, a Fox News host, criticized Dan Crenshaw, who is set to become a congressman from Texas, for labeling the members of the Republican Party who are refusing to support Kevin McCarthy as enemies of the state and terrorists.

It's hard to believe that the connection between the War on Terror and the rise of the neocons has not been strong. During the past few years, various parts of the war were turned against the political enemies of the organization. Now, they're coming out and telling the public that they're either with them or against them.

According to Tucker Carlson, Dan Crenshaw went all the way to CNN to call out his political opponents. He said that neocons would always do this.

A clip of Carlson's interview with American Firebrand caught the attention of Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw. He responded by saying that he should unclutch his pearls. He also refused to back down and refused to hold his constituents hostage.

On Wednesday, he reaffirmed his position on labeling the members of the Republican Party who are against Kevin McCarthy as terrorists.

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