WATCH: Ilhan Omar Responds To McCarthy Pulling Her Committee Assignments

On Sunday, Ilhan Omar, a member of the House Foreign Affairs committee, criticized the plans of House speaker Kevin McCarthy to remove her from the panel.

During an appearance on a television program, Omar was asked about the multiple promises made by McCarthy to remove her committee assignments. She was also asked if there had been any developments regarding the matter since McCarthy took over as speaker.

"When asked about the status of the rule package, Omar said she had not received any updates. She noted that the agenda for the next session should include the package's completion. The members of the different conferences are expected to make the necessary appointments to the committees."

Discussing McCarthy's path to becoming the speaker, Omar noted that it was difficult for him to get elected as the leader of the House. She also mentioned her Somali background as an example of why she should remain on the Foreign Affairs panel.


She also noted that for a speaker who had faced a historic humiliation, such as getting elected after 15 rounds, there is an opportunity for him to make changes. According to her, McCarthy had said that he would not follow the traditional methods of doing things.

It would be hypocritic for McCarthy to remove Omar from the Foreign Affairs committee, as she had been the first African-American to serve on the panel's subcommittee on Africa. She had also represented her constituents and the voice of other people who had never been able to voice their opinions on the panel.

The controversial comments made by Omar, who was elected in 2018, have led to various controversies. In the summer of 2021, McCarthy had promised to remove her from the Foreign Affairs committee if his party took back the House. She had faced bipartisan criticism for her statements, which equated the US and Israel with the Taliban.

In late 2018, McCarthy had once again reiterated his promise to remove Omar from the Foreign Affairs committee if the House Republicans were able to take back the majority.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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