White House Denies Biden Lied About Business Dealings

According to reports, Donald Trump Jr. has signed a multi-year deal with Rumble. The deal will allow him to launch a weekly podcast entitled "Triggered with Don Jr."

The title of the show is reportedly a callback to his 2019 book. It will reportedly feature big-name guests and will be uncensored.

In a statement, Trump Jr. said that Rumble was building a platform that would allow people to speak their minds without being censored. He noted that many political figures and content creators were joining the company due to its platform's welcoming attitude.

Since 2021, Trump Jr. has produced various content for Rumble, which has gained over a million subscribers. His weekly show, which will be called "Triggered with Donald Jr.," is scheduled to debut in January.

According to Chris Pavlovski, "the company's CEO, Rumble's podcasts will eventually compete with traditional television programs. He noted that due to the live nature of Trump Jr.'s show and other similar programs, he believed that they would eventually surpass other podcasting platforms."

Some of the prominent individuals who have been associated with Rumble include Dana White, Russell Brand, and Glenn Greenwald.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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