New El Paso Photos Show How Illegals Are Disappearing Into Our Country

The latest pictures of the border in El Paso, Texas, have shocked the people. It’s clear that the failed policies of Biden have led to an increase in illegal immigrants.

Since Joe Biden became the US vice president, he has been weak regarding the border. In one year, he stopped construction of new barriers and sections of fence, allowing over two million illegal immigrants to enter the country. He also decreased the Border Patrol's capacity, allowing tons of drugs to enter the country.

According to the Daily Mail, the US and Mexico's border fence has a huge hole that migrants can easily enter. Despite the strict regulations set by Title 42, people can still illegally enter the country.

A large opening was cut in the fence near an abandoned warehouse in El Paso, which is four miles from downtown.

The newspaper was able to find the location where the hole was made after the Supreme Court decided that Title 42 would stay in effect. It's believed that migrants used it to illegally cross the border.

A police officer was unfazed by the incident and noted that such openings are not unusual. The cameras along the border were able to spot the location of the opening.

Various methods have been used by illegal immigrants to enter the US. A photographer for came across another shocking discovery after he was able to take a photo of a man who had rolled through a hole that was dug underneath the fence in El Paso.

A day after the hole was made, it was filled loosely. A white towel was then laid across the area to mark its location.

A second section of fence was also cut, and camera crews were able to capture video of the illegal immigrants crossing the border.

Locals in El Paso said that smugglers use the sewer systems connecting Mexico and the US to enter the country illegally.

The US Border Patrol has been known to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country through sewers.

A local man was quoted as saying ‘You see dozens come up through manholes like this,’.

According to residents, they often see migrants emerging from sewers. KVIA reported that Rosalinda Tapia stated that the illegal immigrants are now tunnelling through the city's water systems.

The images from the border in El Paso, Texas, were both heartbreaking and shocking. Many people hoped that the president would take immediate action to address the issue, but he has not been able to do so. The deteriorating condition of the border wall is a clear indication of how Biden failed to secure the country.

The situation has been brought to the attention of the countries' leaders, who must protect the people who are in their care, including the Border Patrol Officers. It is imperative they take immediate action to prevent this from happening again.

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