REPORT: Biden Spent Over $300M On Immigrant Welfare Services

It’s no surprise that Joe Biden favors illegal immigrants over Americans after spending two years doing nothing to address the southern border crisis.

According to a report released by US Immigration and Customs, the Biden administration spent over a hundred million dollars on various programs aimed at protecting illegal immigrants.

The Health Service Corps of ICE had a budget of $324 million, which is an increase of $8 million from the previous year.

The report stated that the money was used to provide direct medical and dental care to over 118,000 immigrants residing in 19 IHSC facilities in the US. During the course of the year, the number of visits to these facilities exceeded 1.1 million.

In November, the Biden Administration allowed Washington state to provide health care coverage to illegal immigrants through the ACA.

Despite their immigration status, the state will still be able to provide qualified health insurance plans to illegal immigrants. This is yet another example of how Biden is giving away money and perks to illegal immigrants.

A study conducted by an organization that focuses on immigration reform revealed that the US would have to spend an additional $20.4 billion annually to provide the necessary services to illegal immigrants.

This came as Ken Paxton, the attorney general of Texas, announced that he would sue the Biden Administration for implementing a rule that penalizes taxpayers for helping illegal immigrants.

According to Paxton, the Biden Administration is committed to allowing unauthorized immigrants to enter the country and provide them with the necessary services. Texans shouldn't have to pay for the costly services that these individuals provide.

Written by Staff Reports

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