Whistleblower Tragedy Deepens as Boeing Supplier Scandal Unfolds

So, there’s this guy, Joshua Dean, a former quality auditor at Boeing supplier Spirit AeroSystems. He was one of those whistle-blowers who blew the whistle on some alleged manufacturing defects on the 737 MAX planes. But hold on to your seatbelts, ’cause here’s where it gets juicy – he tragically passed away after battling a sudden infection. The Seattle Times spilled the tea on this, reporting that poor Dean was only 45 and was as fit as a fiddle before this unexpected twist of fate.

Dean didn’t just twiddle his thumbs; oh no, he was a man of action. He spilled the beans in a deposition in a Spirit shareholder lawsuit and also raised concerns with the FAA about some shady practices at Spirit. But Spirit wasn’t too happy with Dean’s whistle-blowing ways and sent him packing in April 2023. Dean wasn’t about to take this lying down; he filed a complaint with the Department of Labor, crying foul play and screaming, “Retaliation!”

If you thought the drama ended there, think again! Enter John “Mitch” Barnett, another Boeing whistleblower who, unfortunately, met a tragic end through suicide. Barnett was knee-deep in legal battles with Boeing after raising concerns about quality issues. It seems like Boeing’s closet is full of skeletons, with whistle-blowers coming out of the woodwork faster than you can say “cover-up.”

And there you have it, folks, a tale of two whistle-blowers – one gone too soon, the other fighting till the end. It’s like a soap opera, but with planes and lawsuits instead of evil twins and love triangles. Stay tuned for the next episode of “As the Boeing Turns!”

Written by Staff Reports

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