Trump Slams Judges, Claims Rising Polls Amid Legal Battles

In his first two battleground rallies after facing fines for violating a gag order, former President Donald Trump expressed frustration over the limitations and financial repercussions resulting from several legal cases. At a rally in Michigan, a key swing state, Trump criticized Judge Juan Merchan, Judge Arthur Engoron, and writer E. Jean Carroll. He also denounced the 88 federal indictments brought against him at a rally in Wisconsin.


Trump is currently facing 34 charges from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg over allegations of involvement in a hush money payment scheme during the 2016 election. He voiced his opposition to the legal proceedings, referring to them as an “unlawful exercise in very stupid and very evil politics” during the rallies.

Following a $9,000 fine imposed by Judge Merchan for repeated violations of the gag order, Trump complained about feeling “unconstitutionally gagged” and claimed the judge was corrupt and conflicted. He also criticized Judge Engoron and expressed frustration over a case brought against him by writer E. Jean Carroll.

During the rallies, Trump labeled the legal cases as “fake” and expressed confidence that his poll numbers were increasing as people saw through what he referred to as a “scam.”

A poll released on Tuesday indicated that Trump was leading President Joe Biden in several swing states, including Michigan, where Trump had a narrow lead. The former president also used the rallies to criticize Biden’s handling of the economy and to voice support for the New York Police Department.

Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are crucial states for victory in the upcoming 2024 election, and Trump’s ability to flip these states again could potentially prevent Biden from securing a second term.

Written by Staff Reports

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