White House Cocaine Scandal: Macarena of Dodging Blame!

The White House has been doing some serious dodging when it comes to the cocaine scandal. It’s like they’re doing the Macarena, trying to deflect blame and spin the truth. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan even had the audacity to blame “workers” for the cocaine found in the Situation Room. Seriously, workers? That’s their excuse?

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has also been tight-lipped about the exact location where the cocaine was found. It turns out it was found in the more secure area of the West Wing, so it’s highly unlikely that some random visitor is to blame as they want us to believe. But hey, why be transparent when you can just dodge the question and smile and shrug? That seems to be Joe Biden’s go-to move.

And let’s not forget about Andrew Bates, the Deputy Press Secretary, who refused to tell us if they found the culprit behind the cocaine. He even went so far as to hint that it could belong to Joe or Hunter Biden, but of course, he conveniently used the Hatch Act as an excuse not to answer. I guess they only care about the Hatch Act when it suits them.

Jean-Pierre tried to defend Bates by saying that the question about the cocaine involved Donald Trump speculating that it might have belonged to a family member. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that Bates went on to attack Trump’s policies while conveniently avoiding the question about the cocaine. It’s clear that they’re more interested in deflecting blame than finding the truth.

And now, Jean-Pierre has the audacity to scold the media for doing their job and asking responsible questions. She called their reporting “incredibly irresponsible,” but I think the real irresponsibility lies with the person who brought the cocaine into the White House and all the people who can’t give a straight answer about it. The media is just doing their job, and it’s about time the White House took responsibility for their own actions.

Jean-Pierre also tried to claim that the Bidens were not in the White House over the weekend, conveniently ignoring the fact that Hunter Biden was there on Friday. It’s clear that they’re not being honest with us. They want us to believe that the cocaine isn’t theirs, but they can’t definitively say it. Their answers keep changing, and it’s clear they’re avoiding the real issues.

Thankfully, the House Oversight Committee has had enough and is demanding answers. It’s about time someone held them accountable. And to think, the Biden White House has the nerve to talk about anyone else being irresponsible. That’s the pot calling the kettle black if I ever saw it.

But hey, at least this cocaine scandal has given us some entertaining political theater. Maybe we should turn it into a reality TV show, “The Real Housewives of the White House” or “Keeping Up with the Bidens.” I’m sure it would be a hit.


Written by Staff Reports

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