White House Lawyer Exits as GOP Probe into Bidens Intensifies

Breaking: Top White House Lawyer Departing Amid Growing Republican Investigation

In a surprising turn of events, Stuart Delery, the top lawyer at the White House, has announced his departure next month. Delery has served under President Biden for almost three years, joining his transition team and later becoming the deputy counsel before being promoted to the top position. President Biden praised Delery’s contributions, highlighting his work during the COVID-19 pandemic and legislative accomplishments.

While the White House claims that Delery’s departure had been planned for some time, Republicans see it as an opportunity to ramp up their investigation into the alleged bribery schemes involving President Biden and his family. GOP lawmakers are particularly interested in Hunter Biden’s business dealings and the role his father played. Some Republicans have even called for Joe Biden’s impeachment.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel to look into classified papers found in Biden’s possession, raising further suspicions. Whistleblowers from the IRS have also alleged that charges against Hunter Biden were mysteriously dropped. All these developments have fueled the Republican push for more transparency and accountability.

Just today, House Oversight Chair James Comer called on the National Archives to release unredacted documents relating to communication between then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son’s associates. The committee wants to know if there was any overlap between Biden’s official duties and his family’s business activities in Ukraine, urging the American public to be informed about potential corruption within the Biden family.

The intensity of the investigation has led Newsmax, a conservative news outlet, to report on the committee’s efforts. They highlight the committee’s request for access to emails related to Hunter Biden and his involvement with Burisma and Ukraine. Newsmax commentator Kilmeny Duchardt emphasized the need to uncover any policy or influence that might have been exchanged or promised in these deals.

Representative Comer, known for his relentless pursuit of the truth, believes that there is evidence of the Biden family’s influence peddling. He accuses Joe Biden of having loose boundaries between his VP duties and his family’s foreign business schemes. Comer points to meetings and social interactions between the former VP and his son’s business associates as evidence of potential corruption.

Miranda Devine, a writer for the New York Post, admiringly describes Comer’s doggedness and praises his upcoming court battle to obtain Joe and Hunter’s personal bank records. Devine sees Comer as someone who won’t back down, even in the face of obstacles like the appointment of a special counsel.

The departure of Stuart Delery has not only raised eyebrows but fueled the fire of Republican investigations into the Biden family’s alleged corruption. As the push for transparency continues, all eyes are on the National Archives and any unredacted records that may shed light on the truth. Will the evidence support the GOP’s claims, or is it all just another political vendetta? Only time will tell.

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