Chip Roy Shakes Up GOP with Daring Hail Mary as Shutdown Looms!

Fourteen Texas congressmen, including Chip Roy, have challenged their fellow Republican members to stop funding the Department of Homeland security until the border situation gets better.

The members of Congress expressed their concerns regarding the situation at the border with Mexico. They noted that despite the federal government's failure to address the issue, Texas has been able to step up and address the situation.

They claim that members of Congress should not fund agencies that are at war with their constituents. Their challenge forces other Republicans to question the administration's border security policies and hold them accountable for any shortcomings.

It's time for the Biden administration to be challenged over its handling of the border situation. The situation has become dire, with criminal organizations wreaking their evil ways and innocent lives being lost. It's shameful that our government is failing at protecting the people in our country.

The challenge sent a strong message that Congress will not tolerate the failure of the administration to address the border situation. It's time for other Republican members of Congress to join Roy and demand change.

Written by Staff Reports

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