Wisconsin Wackos Whine at GOP for Border Fiasco, Ignore Biden Blunders!

The liberal sunflowers from the wacky swing state of Wisconsin are up to their old shenanigans again, pointing fingers at the fine, upstanding Republicans and the beloved former President Donald Trump for the so-called “crisis” at the border. According to a group of folks who got together and chatted, because apparently that’s how we make decisions now, they’re all in a tizzy blaming Trump and the GOP for the border bill falling through. Can you believe it? These folks must have been sipping on some of that liberal Kool-Aid.

The big guy in charge, President Joe Biden, thought he was gonna get a pat on the back for his State of the Union speech, but it looks like his favorability rating took another nosedive. As if that’s a surprise! The folks in this little chit-chat group were all riled up by Biden’s comments on immigration and the border, and they’re apparently ticked off at the Republicans for not getting on board with his border bill. What a load of malarkey! I mean, who wouldn’t want to send billions of dollars to Ukraine and Israel as part of a border package, right?

You’ve got this guy, Rich Thau, who thinks he’s the cat’s pajamas, moderating these chats and spouting off about how Biden got swing voters all bent out of shape at Trump for “tanking a congressional deal on immigration.” Give me a break! The Senate blocked that bipartisan border bill last month because the hardline Republicans had enough sense to see through the nonsense. But of course, Biden went right ahead and blamed the GOP for the border crisis like it’s all their fault. Classic move, if you ask me.

So, they rounded up a bunch of Wisconsinites — six independents, four Democrats, and three Republicans — and had them gab about the border. Surprise, surprise, most of them were mad at Trump for supposedly getting in the way of a solution. Someone even had the nerve to say Trump was trying to steal the spotlight and show off by blocking Biden’s chance to save the day. What a bunch of poppycock! And get this, most of them actually thought Trump would do a better job at fixing the border issue. Imagine that!

Now, these focus group discussions might not be the same as actual polling, but apparently, the liberal media thinks it’s the next best thing. They’re acting like the opinions of 13 folks from Wisconsin are gonna determine the fate of the entire country. It’s laughable! But hey, they’re already eyeing up 2024 and talking about how this swing state will be oh-so important. Trump is even leading Biden by a measly point in the polls there. I wouldn’t put too much stock in these focus groups, though. It’s still early days, and I have a feeling the folks in Wisconsin will come to their senses when it comes time to cast their votes.

Written by Staff Reports

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