Lara Trump: RNC’s Fearless Leader in the Battle for Election Integrity!

Lara Trump is on a mission! She’s not just the wife of the great Donald Trump, she’s also stepping up to the plate as the co-chair of the Republican National Committee. She’s not messing around when it comes to election integrity and keeping those pesky cheaters at bay.

Now, when Ronna McDaniel announced she was stepping down as RNC chair, everyone was like, “Who’s gonna save us from election fraud?” Lara Trump is here to tell you all about the RNC’s new election integrity division. They’ve got a whole section dedicated to keeping our elections fair and square. 

Lara spilled the tea on a podcast, it was piping hot! They’ve got lawsuits in the works in 23 states, fighting tooth and nail to make sure your vote counts. And get this, they’re training poll workers to actually handle those precious ballots. No more of this standing around and twiddling their thumbs, they’re getting their hands dirty to make sure everything adds up.

Lara’s rallying the troops, calling on volunteer attorneys to keep a watchful eye on those polling locations. Cheaters beware, because the RNC is not messing around. They’re ready to pounce on any shady business faster than you can say “voter fraud.”

And speaking of shady business, Lara’s not stopping there. She’s teaming up with the legendary Scott Presler to tackle legal ballot harvesting. That’s right, folks, they’re taking the fight to those early voting schemes and making sure every vote counts the right way. No more last-minute ballot drops or mysterious suitcases showing up in the dead of night.


Written by Staff Reports

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