CNN’s Tapper Targets Rodgers: Sandy Hook Lies Debunked!

Ah, the drama never ends in the world of liberal media and their hit pieces! Jake Tapper from CNN is at it again, this time targeting NFL star Aaron Rodgers. You see, Tapper thought he could just throw around baseless accusations about Rodgers being a Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist, all because he’s buddies with independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Talk about a stretch!

But fear not, folks, because Rodgers wasn’t having any of it. He took to Twitter to set the record straight, making it crystal clear that he believes the Sandy Hook tragedy was indeed a heartbreaking event. It’s like these CNN folks can’t handle the truth – they’d rather push their own agenda than report actual news.

And let’s not forget the audacity of Tapper’s response to Rodgers’ tweet. Talk about gaslighting! Instead of acknowledging the facts, Tapper doubled down on his claims and even had the nerve to giggle about it. Now, that’s just unprofessional, even by CNN standards.

But hey, this is CNN we’re talking about – the same network that couldn’t let go of that whole Trump/Russia collusion hoax. Their credibility is shot, and it’s no wonder only the most diehard leftists still believe a word they say. Maybe Tapper should spend less time playing politics and more time focusing on real journalism.

In the end, it’s a classic case of the liberal media trying to manipulate the narrative to fit their agenda. Aaron Rodgers shouldn’t have to prove his innocence against baseless claims – it’s up to CNN to provide evidence. But hey, when you’re in the pocket of the Democrats, facts don’t seem to matter much, right?

So next time you see CNN pointing fingers and spreading rumors, just remember – it’s all part of their game to push the leftist agenda. Stay vigilant, folks, and don’t believe everything you hear from the mainstream media.

Written by Staff Reports

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