Ann Arbor’s Free Cash Fiasco: Tax Dollars Fund $528 Handout Madness!

Ann Arbor, Michigan — Hold onto your hats, folks, because the latest news out of Ann Arbor is like a bad dream from the big government playbook. The University of Michigan’s Poverty Solutions team has kicked off a two-year guaranteed income pilot program called Guaranteed Income to Grow Ann Arbor, and it’s raising some conservative eyebrows. A hundred folks who applied for this handout are gearing up to receive yet another check today, to the tune of $528 a month. That’s right, free money for folks who claim to be low-income small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The program’s mastermind, Kristin Seefeldt of Poverty Solutions, is singing the praises of this guaranteed income handout, claiming it’s all about helping residents who are supposedly struggling to make ends meet. 

To make matters worse, the handout is open to anyone who identifies as an “entrepreneur, owner of a formal or informal small business, independent contractor, provide paid services informally, or a gig worker” in various industries. It’s like they’re pulling out all the stops to make sure the free money faucet is flowing wide open. The only requirement is that applicants must have had an income at or below 225% of the federal poverty line, and if they receive or could qualify for federal assistance, like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or Pell Grants, they likely qualified.

This guaranteed income program is like a magnet for folks looking to cash in on the system. Instead of fostering independence and self-sufficiency, it’s creating a culture of dependency and entitlement. This kind of big government handout doesn’t grow communities – it smothers them. 

Written by Staff Reports

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