Woke Ideology Infects K-12 Schools, Harms Education

Universities in the United States are overwhelmed with negativity, resentment, lack of historical awareness, and anti-American sentiment. However, the problem of Marxist influence in education starts way before college for many students. The corruption begins in K-12 schools.

The Education Director at the American Center for Transforming Education highlighted how Marxist critical theory starts radicalizing students early on. Children are no longer being taught to respect authority or to learn accurate historical facts. Instead, they are being influenced to see individuals not for who they are but for their group identity.

One popular figure promoting divisive ideologies is Ibram X. Kendi, who perpetuates a narrative of white oppression and black victimhood without considering historical context. Kendi’s teachings have even infiltrated K-12 schools, where his materials are being used in teacher training and student education.

Apart from critical race theory, schools are also embracing LGBTQ ideology and climate alarmism, leading to chaos and violence in educational settings. The push for social justice and woke culture is causing division and hatred among students, taking away from true education and replacing it with indoctrination.

It’s clear that the woke ideology is pervasive throughout all levels of education, from kindergarten to university. Students are being taught to resent their nation and each other rather than being given a well-rounded education. The conservative perspective urges for a return to traditional values and a curriculum that focuses on facts rather than divisive ideologies.

Written by Staff Reports

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