You Won’t Believe Who David Hogg Blames For Latest Tragedy

Liberal gun control advocate David Hogg once again showed his contempt for constitutional rights and lack of basic decency by tweeting a vile message to Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) in the wake of a horrific shooting at an Old National Bank in Louisville. The shooter, who identified with “he/him” pronouns on his biography, killed Scott’s friend and longtime banker Tommy Elliott in cold blood.

Scott took to Twitter to offer condolences and prayers for his friend’s family, but instead of offering his own sympathies for the senseless tragedy, Hogg lashed out at the senator with a disgusting reply: “Must be tough knowing you’re complicit.” Hogg’s tactless and appalling comment is a direct attack on Scott’s record on Second Amendment rights, despite the fact that Scott has supported red flag laws in the past.

Hogg’s tweet is even more despicable given that the senator was governor of Florida during the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018, which Hogg and fellow gun control advocates have used as a political tool to push for gun laws that would restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens.

While Hogg enjoys a massive following among #Resistance Twitter liberals who value political correctness over the Constitution, his relentless attacks on conservatives and the Second Amendment have only served to divide the nation further. Hogg is a co-founder and board member of “March For Our Lives,” a radical left-wing group dedicated to pushing for extensive anti-gun laws across the country, regardless of their impact on personal freedoms or the Constitution.

Conservatives are rightly outraged by Hogg’s callousness in the wake of such a tragedy, and his attempts to shame a senator and law-abiding Americans for supporting their constitutional rights. It is time for Hogg and his allies to realize that the right to bear arms is a fundamental and unalienable right and to stop using tragedies to promote their anti-freedom agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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