Nike Faces Backlash for Pushing Transgender Agenda with Influencer Deals

A transgender influencer has once again promoted Nike’s women’s sportswear, including the Zenvy leggings and Alate sports bra, but conservative voices are speaking out against this blatant attempt to push the radical transgender agenda. Conservatives are calling for boycotts of Nike and other corporations that promote such woke advertising stunts.

But why are big brands like Nike so desperate to work with these radical influencers like Dylan Mulvaney? Many of these companies are trying to increase their Corporate Equality Index score, a ranking overseen by a major LGBT+ lobbying group, the Human Rights Campaign. These companies are judged based on four criteria, which include “Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Citizenship” – criteria which have nothing to do with making quality sportswear for women.

And it’s not just the Human Rights Campaign that these companies are trying to please – businesses are also worried about losing the support of major investors in the ESG movement, including Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, one of the top shareholders in major companies like Nike and Anheuser-Busch.

In 2018, Fink sent a letter to top CEOs titled “A Sense of Purpose”, which threatened to demote those who didn’t fall in line with his “social purpose” vision. Companies are now under intense pressure to show how they are making a positive contribution to society, regardless of whether they are actually making quality sportswear.

The fact that Mulvaney is transgender and promoted heavily by TikTok only adds to the interest from these corporations, who are trying to normalize transitioning and take advantage of his extensive reach. But conservatives won’t stand for it – we will continue to fight against these attempts to push the radical transgender agenda onto society.

Written by Staff Reports

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