Democrat Darling Reinstated After Storming Capitol – Nashville Council Cheers!

The Nashville Metropolitan Council has voted to reinstate Justin Jones, despite him being expelled by the GOP-controlled House for storming the state Capitol. The decision seems to have favored the Democrats, as all 36 council members, including the Democrats, voted in favor of Jones' reinstatement. Despite Jones' disruptive behavior during the House session, where he was part of a group of screaming protesters who forcefully entered different areas of the building, the council applauded loudly when the clerk announced the 36 "yes" votes.

On an interim basis, Jones has been appointed through a measure until a special election can be held for the seat. Vice Mayor Jim Shulman made the announcement, stating that "Jones had been elected to the vacancy of Tennessee House 52 according to the state law and the rules governing the Metropolitan Council," which led to cheers from the gallery. However, filling vacancies in the state legislature typically requires a four-week waiting period, as per the Metro Council rules. Only two dissenting members were needed to prevent the rules from being suspended. If that had happened, Jones might not have been reseated until the end of Tennessee's legislative session.

The assertion is made that Democrats support the act of storming the Capitol when it suits their political agenda. Furthermore, Kamala Harris's recent dictator-like speech on Justin Jones' expulsion is described as dictatorial, with her yelling and screaming. The statement also implies that Harris was more concerned about Jones' expulsion than the shooting of Christian children by a transgender individual. This illustrates the issues that Democrats consider significant.

This story is still developing, but it is apparent that the Nashville Metropolitan Council has become just another political pawn in the game of the radical left. Stay tuned for more on this issue.

Written by Staff Reports

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