Zuckerberg Buys Mega-Yacht Amid Climate Push

In the latest news, the tech giant Facebook, known for its censorship practices, has been caught in a web of hypocrisy yet again. Despite pushing the Climate Change™ agenda on its platform, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently purchased a $300 million luxury yacht that guzzles fuel like nobody’s business. This extravagant purchase stands in stark contrast to Zuckerberg’s public stance on climate change and environmental sustainability.

The conservative media outlet PJ Media, known for challenging mainstream narratives, has been a victim of Big Tech censorship for daring to question the Climate Change™ narrative. Despite having a significant following on Facebook, PJ Media was silenced and eventually banned from the platform due to corporate fact-checks and stifling policies aimed at independent voices. 


The excessive fuel consumption of mega-yachts like Zuckerberg’s raises serious concerns about their impact on the environment. The amount of fuel needed to power these lavish vessels is staggering, equivalent to filling a regular car thousands of times or multiple commercial airplanes. While the average person is being told to reduce their carbon footprint, the elite continue to live in excess without facing repercussions.

It is clear that the Climate Change™ agenda pushed by the tech elites is not about saving the planet but rather about control and manipulation. By silencing dissenting voices and independent media, these tech giants aim to push their agenda unchecked. It is essential to support independent journalism that challenges prevailing narratives and holds the powerful accountable.

In conclusion, the hypocrisy of tech billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and the censorship practices of Big Tech highlight the need for a free and open media environment. Conservatives must continue to stand up against censorship and support independent voices that provide alternative perspectives on crucial issues such as climate change.

Written by Staff Reports

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