Democrats Facing Tough Races Urge Biden for Stricter Border Security

Fifteen Democratic members of the House of Representatives are urging President Joe Biden to take action to tighten security at the U.S.-Mexico border. The lawmakers, including representatives from Minnesota, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, are facing tough re-election campaigns and are calling for immediate steps to address the border crisis and reform the immigration system.

Led by Minnesota Rep. Angie Craig, the Democrats stressed the need for the Biden administration to use all available tools, including executive action, to improve border security, intercept illegal drugs like fentanyl, and facilitate lawful immigration. They emphasized that their constituents across different congressional districts have felt the impacts of the current situation at the border.

In response to the lawmakers’ letter, a White House spokesperson criticized congressional Republicans for prioritizing partisan politics over national security and rejecting the needs of border agents. The spokesperson urged House Republicans to approve a bipartisan agreement to enhance border security.

The National Republican Congressional Committee’s communications director, Jack Pandol, accused the Democratic lawmakers of making empty promises about border security and criticized their unwillingness to address the crisis. He described their actions as a “pathetic charade” driven by political concerns over their open borders policies.

Additionally, the Biden administration is reportedly considering a new rule to expedite the asylum claims process for certain undocumented immigrants, especially those with criminal backgrounds or those who would likely be deemed ineligible for asylum in the future. This move is seen as part of the administration’s efforts to address the challenges at the border.

Written by Staff Reports

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